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Communicate with confidence and improve your results.
  Communicate with confidence
and improve your results.
"If we did all the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves."
~ Thomas Edison
Transformed in Just 48 Hours


I have been transformed from a playful child to a powerful woman – on command – in just 48 hours. The greatest impact and benefit I received was gaining empowerment and having support to show my inner power and trust my decisions.
I also found a direction in my business through your feedback. Thank You.”

~ DC

Packed 3-Hour, and Powerful 1 and 2½-Day Weekend Workshops
Learn and practice the essential communication skills that will change the way you see the world, and more importantly, the way the world sees you! (Special information for Church Leaders.)

You Will Learn How To:

Confidently express your ideas and opinions, even in difficult situations.
Use your voice to inform, persuade and engage others.
Unlock the secrets to moving beyond your fears and feeding your confidence.
Be an engaging speaker - one-on-one, in groups and to audiences.
Identify and overcome your fears about speaking or singing in public.
See how under-utilizing your power may cause others to lose trust or confidence in you.
Experience how easy it is to communicate when you do two simple things.
Use the secrets of vocal projection and important vocal techniques to make your breathing, speaking and singing easier and more effective.
Be centered and physically grounded in your body.
Tap into your inner wisdom and intuition so you can respond to whatever comes up without missing a beat.
Align your body and speech to project confidence.
Gain a clear understanding of who you are, your role in the world and how to act on it.

3-Hour Workshop
In this content-rich workshop you will learn and practice powerful techniques to improve your confidence and clarity. Your communication effectiveness will get an immediate jump start. Participants report being amazed at the improvements in the effectiveness of their communication and the increase in their inner-ease when communicating. Check the calendar for upcoming workshops or register now.

What it Costs
Many participants are shocked when they realize just how much their communication skills are costing them in lost sales, being passed over for promotions, misunderstandings, floundering relationships, conflict, drained energy, stress, tension and anxiety. Invest three hours in yourself for life-long dividends. Check the calendar for upcoming workshops.

1-Day Powerful Presentations Workshop
This dynamic 1-day workshop was specifically created for business people ready to step up to a bigger platform in their professional life. Whether you have just received a new promotion, or have been passed over for one, improving your presentation skills is critical to your success. Learn the essential communication skills you need to confidently present your ideas and opinions, even in difficult situations. Whether you are a leader, in sales, or simply determined to make an impact in your life, take a simple first step and attend this one day course. Check the calendar for upcoming workshops or register now.

2½-Day Weekend Workshop
If you are committed to reaching your goals it’s time to learn how to use this powerful tool that top leaders use to quickly accelerate their progress. Imagine knowing that your organization, team and customers look forward to hearing your ideas and opinions. You have the technical and people skills - when you develop effective communication skills you can make your vision a reality. It’s up to you. In this intensive workshop you will discover just how powerful you really are. If poor communication skills have slowed you down in the past you’ll start experiencing the world from a whole new perspective - people listening to what you have to say and valuing your opinions. You’ll experience renewed energy, focus and inspiration. Workshop attendance is limited to ten participants to ensure you receive plenty of individual attention and opportunities to practice your new skills. Check the calendar for upcoming workshops or register now.

Support Before, During and After the Weekend Workshop
Your weekend workshop begins in the weeks before the scheduled date with a one-on-one pre-workshop interview with Patty Shortreed to discuss your needs, interests and challenges. After the workshop, we follow up with you to answer questions and help you with your new skills. In addition, coaching related to the principles presented in the workshop is available.

Check the calendar for upcoming workshops.

If you need immediate help with specific challenges or a particular event please contact us about coaching and consulting services. Questions? Contact us for more information.



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