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Leadership Training for “New Thought” Church Members
Boost Your New Thought Church in Two Critical Ways

Magnificent! - I Loved It
“Powerful motivational facilitator – this whole weekend process is a magnificent piece of work – I loved it!”

~ SG

Boldly Moving Forward
“Fabulous! Patty comes from the heart. Her content stopped me in my tracks, revealed what I needed to see and allowed me to boldly step forward.”

~ CF

Live a Fully Expressed Life
“Patty is real, genuine, and can assist you in bringing down your veil so you live a fully-expressed life.”

~ GS

A "New Thought PhD"
“This course will change your life. It's like getting a 'new thought PhD' in a weekend.”

~ Debbie Barnard
Board member CSA

"The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others."
~ Mahatma Gandhi

More Dynamic, Growing Church
Develop more vitality and commitment in your congregation with a "Claim Your Voice ~ Claim Your Power" workshop. Your church members will create and enhance their leadership skills - making them more active and more effective in your community – at the same time enriching your music program.

You’ll see a new enthusiasm that will help create a more vibrant, confident, motivated church body. Because the workshop is presented at your church, it’s also a program that can help attract new members who are forward-looking and energetic.

“The ‘Claim Your Voice’ weekend workshops have a wonderful impact on our congregation. After just two days of self-discovery, participants sing with more energy and conviction. Their uplifted energy is visible in other areas of their lives, too. Participants have a renewed enthusiasm for engaging in the church community, are more interested in leadership roles and are more confident in their interactions. 'Claim Your Voice' makes a valuable contribution to our members and community.”
~ Rev. Patrick Cameron, Centre for Spiritual Awareness, Edmonton, Alberta

This program serves people who want to:

Communicate with more confidence and power
Enhance singing abilities as part of the congregation or choir
Create lives that contribute to others
Demonstrate a model of humanity that offers peace and prosperity
Develop inner spiritual strength and common honesty
Learn powerful tools of forgiveness
Integrate new thought beliefs into their daily life

How It Works
After an initial conversation with your church leadership we’ll arrange for your congregation to meet Patty - she’ll sing at your Sunday service. Audiences love her powerful, moving performances and her welcoming personality.

Next, invite your congregation to a three-hour introductory workshop where participants learn simple yet powerful ways to communicate more easily, discover how to sing with more joy and find out how to express ideas with more confidence and power.

Then, Patty will personally conduct a powerful, two-and-a-half day intensive workshop for 6 - 10 participants. (You may invite church members and the public.) Before the workshop each participant will have a private thirty minute pre-workshop interview with Patty.

Throughout the workshop, participants not only experience breakthroughs in their own understanding of new thought and the principles of consciousness, they have the unique opportunity to do so through choral singing, using it as a tool of self-discovery. Participants learn songs and develop their ability to perform and harmonize. At the discretion of church, you may wish to feature the workshop singers at an appropriate place in that weekend’s Sunday service. This has proven to be a joyful means of extending your musical program and creating community within the congregation.

A few weeks after the workshop there is a two-hour group follow-up session for all participants. The "Claim Your Voice ~ Claim Your Power" workshop is built on powerful, proven-successful strategies. And, each workshop is tailored to the unique needs of the individuals in that workshop.

Your Church Benefits Financially, Too
Your church receives a tithe from Patty based on the workshop attendance. These funds may be used as the church desires, such as to augment existing activities or create new programs.

Hear what participants are saying, learn more about "Claim Your Voice ~ Claim Your Power" workshops or contact us to see how easy it is to bring the "Claim Your Voice ~ Claim Your Power" workshop to your church or spiritual group.



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