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Are You Letting the Fear of Speaking Up Hold You Back?

  Leaders speak with confidence to achieve greater results.
  Speak with confidence
to achieve greater results.
Clients Get Results
"…I have been extremely impressed watching the results Patty gets with her clients. …[Patty] cuts past the fluff and gets to the heart of what holds them back. She has a gift for bringing out the best in her clients, in fact, she will not settle for less."

~ Andrew Barber-Starkey
Master Certified Coach, Vancouver

Financially Rewarding
“My intention was to be an inspiring leader with ability to clearly speak and be heard. Well - Patty's workshop certainly helped me accomplish that.
“My presentations have brought accolades from business associates and my financials just keep getting better.”

~ Christa Fricke,
Direct Sales, Calgary



Learn How to Be Confident and Compelling in Your Communication
If you have ever felt afraid to voice your ideas or opinions because you were worried you might embarrass yourself by saying the wrong thing - you are not alone. Have you ever wished you could feel confident every time you opened your mouth? Hundreds of emerging leaders, managers, sales people and many others use our proven-successful methods and now look forward to opportunities to talk one-on-one and to groups.

You Have Important Things to Say
When you talk with management, team members, or customers it's important to get your point across clearly and confidently. Whether you need to persuade, inform or engage others, your life can be transformed when you can confidently express yourself anytime - even in difficult situations.

How Would Your Life Change?
How would your professional or personal life change if you had unshakable confidence every time you chose to voice your opinion? Don’t risk making a poor impression and either landing in hot water or ruining your chances of being taken seriously. Seize the moment. Use these proven-successful skills to move past your fears and make a lasting, positive impression.

Unlock the secrets to moving beyond your fears and feeding your confidence.
See how under-utilizing your power may cause others to lose trust or confidence in you.
Experience how easy it is to communicate when you do two simple things.
Speak with more joy and freedom.
Learn how to use your body effectively for powerful communication.
Be seen and heard for who you really are.

You’ll Be Inspired, Motivated, Educated
Patty Shortreed’s "Claim Your Voice ~ Claim Your Power" programs offer you an inspirational, holistic approach to personal empowerment that goes to the core of the fears and misgivings that may be holding you back from your destiny. All training is done using adult learning and accelerated learning methods - so you’ll notice results quickly.

You’ll be more expressive and more effective in every setting, when you know how to:

Move beyond simple eye contact to true connection with your listener.
Be more influential and draw people to you using this secret key that every powerful speaker knows
Learn the secret to inspiring your listeners to action
Adapt to the needs of the moment without losing momentum
Anchor your body for greater clarity of sound

Start Today and Feel Confidence in Any Situation
Contact us today for more information about coaching services and presentations. Discover how you or your team can lead with confidence.


Claim Your Voice – Claim Your Power
Patty Shortreed BComm, MSOD – Voice and Communications Coach
1219 12 Street SW Calgary, AB, Canada T3C 3W9

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